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CompareData is a native Windows cross-dbms application that allows you to visually compare and synchronize data between two SQL databases using ODBC drivers. You can retrieve all/some data for a table/view from two databases and compare the data visually to see differences highlighted on the screen. You can also compare the data of two sql queries

# Compare data between two tables/views of the same or different names
# Compare columns having the same or different names and/or data types
# Compare data of two sql queries.
# Synchronize data between two tables.
# Compare Data command to compare data of a group of tables or all tables with one command
# Compare resultsets of any size.
# Compare dbms metadata for two tables or a group of tables including: columns, indices, primary key, foreign keys, triggers and table permissions.
# Compare stored procedures/functions.
# You can use any two comparable columns of two resultsets as the comparison key.
# Free, license is not required, for comparing data.

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