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dataPro is an advanced visual cross-platform database management, development and conversion tool. Transfer data between databases, run SQL queries, view data and export result of the query to the Excel file, text file, xml file or SQL script. Import Excel Spreadsheets and text files to the database. dataPro supports schema conversion and data copying beetween MySql, MS Access, SqlServer, Oracle and Sqlite.
dataPro has easy to use explorer style graphical interface and uses native database drivers for high speed and performance.
You don't have to install Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel to work with Access databases or Excel Spreadsheets. Using dataPro, you can perform data manipulations within a fraction of the time and with much less effort than before.

dataPro Key Features:

Simple to use database management, database conversion, data migration, database development and data transfer tool.
Supported databases:
Oracle versions 7-10
Sql Server version 2000 and up
MySql versions 4.x and 5.x
Sqlite version 3
Microsoft Access
Run SQL queries.
Choice of manual or automated table schema conversion beetwen different databases.
Transfer data from one table to another with a single click.
Export result of a select statement into a text file, xml file, Excel file or a SQL script.
Import comma delimited text files to the database.
Import Excel Spreadsheets to the database.
No need to install Microsoft Access to work with Microsoft Access databases.
High speed, performance and stability. dataPro uses native database drivers.
dataPro stores passwords in the encrypted config file.

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