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dbForge Edge for Linux

dbForge Edge is the newest Devart product - the multidatabase software solution covers all database-related jobs, allowing its users to accelerate the tasks' completion, save costs, and improve overall productivity.

A set of powerful features applies to all most popular database management systems - MySQL and MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

Notice the most helpful features of dbForge Edge:

Database design & development: Visualize the database schema and all relations between tables and objects. Convert ER diagrams to actual databases, or reverse-engineer databases.

SQL coding assistance: Produce high-quality SQL code twice faster with context-based suggestions, smart code completion, syntax check, formatting, debugging, and refactoring.

Visual query building: Construct sophisticated queries with subqueries visually on diagrams. Just make use of the drag-and-drop functionality to manipulate graphical blocks.

Query profiling: Work with a visual query execution plan, analyze the query, detect issues and bottlenecks, and optimize query for appropriate performance.

Database comparison & synchronization: Detect any discrepancies in database schemas and table data, and sync the databases. Deploy changes to the target databases on different platforms.

Data management: Make use of the data editor to examine data visually in different formats. Edit, sort, filter the selected data, and export it to INSERT queries.

Data import/export: Migrate data in 10+ formats with all popular formats supported. Automate the data import and export tasks with templates and CLI.

Data analysis: View and analyze data in tables with the Master-Detail Browser. Summarize data with pivot tables, and generate customizable data reports in several formats.

Database administration: Create, configure, manage, and delete user accounts. Monitor the server work, control user sessions, track the user behavior, detect any issues and bottlenecks, and fix them.

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