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SQL Complete is an advanced solution for SQL database development, management, and administration. Available as an add-in for Visual Studio and SSMS, the tool offers excellent autocompletion capabilities.
Write, beautify, refactor your SQL code easily and boost your productivity dramatically due to the features that are included in SQL Complete but are lacking in Management Studio and Visual Studio IntelliSense.

Key Features:
* Speed up SQL query writing with IntelliSense-style SQL code completion
* Beautify T-SQL code and unify code standards with smart SQL Formatter
* Get the essential information on DB objects while you are writing a code
* Format your SQL query right in Management Studio or Visual Studio
* Use rich SQL code snippet collection, manage and modify the existing snippets or create your own templates
* Navigate through the SQL document easily and synchronize it with the code
* Rename tables, columns, procedures, and functions safely with automatic correction of references to the renamed objects
* Boost your productivity significantly with convenient tabs and windows, as well as intuitive SQL statements management

You can always find the latest version of the product on the official Devart website.

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