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Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator

Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator is the ultimate solution for JavaScript obfuscation! Protects your JavaScript code from stealing, significantly shrinks size and improves download time and execution speed.

Jasob reads files with JavaScript code and replaces descriptive variable and function names with meaningless names like "d", "g", "m"... It also removes comments and unnecessary whitespace characters. The functionality of the code remains the same while source code changes dramatically. Obfuscated code is impossible to reverse-engineer and extremely hard or impossible to understand. It is better to distribute obfuscated version of your JavaScript code and to keep your original JavaScript source code for yourself.


* Jasob is capable of reading JavaScript code from the following file types: JavaScript, HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, XML, Cold Fusion, ePerl... Plus, you can define your own file types.
* Rules for JavaScript code blocks for various sources (file types) can be customized.
* JavaScript names that can't be changed in the process of obfuscation can be customized.
* When opening files, Jasob can open a single file, the Jasob project or the whole Web site.
* There is the file viewer that shows the selected file content. Depending on the currently selected tab at the top of the file viewer, source or obfuscated file content is displayed. Syntax highlighting is applied to the file content to make it more readable. Syntax highlighting colors can be customized.
* The names bag provides support for working with a specific set of arbitrary names. You can then apply changes from names in the names bag to names in name lists, or update names in the names bag with data from names in name lists. You can also add comments to the names bag, open it, or save it to the file.
* Great support for names that appear in strings.
* Great support for dynamic Web pages.
* An optional command-line interface enables you to automate the JavaScript obfuscation.

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