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Map Suite Geocode USA is a powerful and feature-rich .NET geocoding engine that comes complete with a highly optimized dataset encompassing the entire United States. Map Suite Geocode USA features a fast, user-friendly .NET interface that enables C# and VB.NET software developers to take a United States address and quickly find its geographical location. In addition to geocoding, Map Suite Geocode USA also includes reverse geocoding functionality which allows a developer to take a longitude and latitude point and find the closest address to that location. With Map Suite Geocode USA, a developer can seamlessly integrate geocoding and reverse geocoding into one software application by writing just a few lines of code.

To enhance its geocoding capabilities, Map Suite Geocode USA utilizes the most up-to-date Tiger Dataset from the US Census Bureau. This fully optimized dataset makes it easy to geocode addresses anywhere within the United States. When geocoding an address, not only will you be able to find the latitude and longitude of the address, you will also be able to access other valuable information, such as: county name, time zone, daylight savings time, elevation, FIPS code, and TIGER Line ID. Also, you can customize your geocoding by selecting one or more of the following:

• Exact Match - Will only return a match if it finds the exact address
• Ignore Street Type - Ignores the street type in the search
• Ignore Street Directional - Ignores the street directional in the search
• Zip Centroid - Returns the center of the zip code if there is no match
• Check Nearby Zip Codes - Checks nearby zip codes for a match
• Closest Street Number - Returns the closest street number if there is no match
• Fuzzy Street Name - Ignores misspellings in the search

Finally, Map Suite Geocode USA gives you the ability to geographically plot your entire customer base, which is helpful when you want to gain insight into customer trends and target marketing campaigns.

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