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Submit Software Gold Suite

1. Check your Program information first
2. Host your PAD files if needed
3. Your software will be manually submitted to 700+ download sites and directories *
4. Give you a complete report after the submission
5. Give you all logins and passwords for some need account download sites that you can edit it anytime.
6. You will receive the Email from some download sites.
7. We will submit your software in 1-3 business days.
8. We submit the software for 3 times in anytime, it's very useful when you upgrade your software.
9. Or submit your 3 different software for 1 times

* notice: In fact we have over 700+ sites list in our database, but because some sites only accept games or security and so on, your software can't be submited to all of the sites, your software will be submited successful between 400+ to 600+ sites.

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