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Apex WAV Merger

WAV merger software enable to join, combine two or more WAV formatted file into one large WAV oriented file. Application build up with such usual option like user can add number of file at a time. Program allows combining number of file into one huge file. End user can be using very easily no need to know extra technical knowledge for operating this application. Merging two or more file is very simple first of all store files it totally depend upon user after than set destination path where you want to store resultant file now click on merge option after than you will find large merged file.


* Software combine, join, merge two or more WAV format file.
* You can add number of WAV oriented file in selection queue.
* User can set destination path on computer disk.
* For merging number of WAV file just click on merge button.
* Play WAV oriented resultant file after join several files.
* Support both 32 and 64 bit operating system.
* Support all Windows operating like Vista, XP, NT, Win2000, Win7 and Win8.

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