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Avira AntiVir for Windows Server

Avira AntiVir for Windows Server is a first-class antivirus solution, ensuring permanent protection for Windows file servers users against malicious programs.

- Extensive Malware Recognition: aside from viruses, Trojans, backdoor programs, worms, etc., it detects Adware &
Spyware, double extension files and unusual runtime compression tools;
- Solid antivirus technologies: multi-platform, VB100% certified scan engine;
- Low usage of computer resources;
- Modular structure: allows remote configuration, thus assisting the server admin's work while keeping network users
perfectly protected;
- Professional services: the Avira license entitles you to virus definitions updates and product upgrades, access to
documentation, as well as standard technical support, offered by a team of skilled professionals;

Fully compatible with operating systems running from Windows NT server (4.0 version or higher) to Windows Server
2003, it provides a wide variety of configuration settings designed to increase your network security.

Avira Resident Service runs silently in the background, monitoring all file operations. When the user performs a file
operation (e.g. launching a program, opening a document), this is automatically scanned against viruses and
unwanted programs.

The Control Program is a special interface, designed to configure and monitor the Resident Service. As such, it
offers the possibility to manage several Resident Services installed on different servers in the network.

Limitations:The Installation Kit comes fully featured but update service (FUSE) is disabled. To enable updates you
may automatically request an evaluation key for a 30-days period from here:
http://www.avira.com/en/products/test_licence.html - To further benefit of update service (FUSE) you may acquire
the appropriate commercial license (http://www.avira.com/en/products/online_shop.html)

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