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Aniosoft iTunes Backup

Aniosoft iTunes Backup is a backup tool to backup your iTunes or transfer it to another PC.It supports iTunes backup, iTunes restore, backup scan and backup update. You can also import a backup to restore your iTunes. It can help you a lot when you want to transfer your itunes to another computer.When you share a computer with your families,you also need one to make sure your iTunes is not covered. In addition, When new contents are added to your iTunes, you can update your backup anytime with Aniosoft iTunes Backup. It also enables you to scan backup datails. It works on Windows 2000/Me/XP/Vista.It is easy to use and powerful.

Features include:
* Suited for both veterans and beginners
* Automatically check the current iTunes library
* Easy-to-use user-friendly interface
* Extreme fast speed
* One-click operating
* Backup several iTunes libraries in one computer and you can easily switch between them.
* Restore the lost iTunes music.
* Import iTunes library backup from DVD, USB flash driver, etc.
* Update iTunes backup folders with current iTunes library .

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