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Discover how easy is to create compressed backups at high speed to get the job done in moments. Besides the habitual backup only updating the files recently modified or added, Quartz-Sec performs an additional step to ensure that the folders have the same content in the destination, as the incremental or differential backup methods can create incoherences in the directory tree. It also uses a suffix based technique to permit synchronizing the directories no matter if the archives in the destination are compressed or uncompressed, then you could have two security versions of the same file.

It's possible to view in real time the state of the entries only looking the relevant icons, plus the source and the destination paths, so you can audit what's happening when the application is processing. Also it can build detailed HTML reports with 20 different actions. The interface is configurable thanks to dockable panels, themes and custom colors.

The zip compression can be even faster than with specialized compression tools, therefore the program is optimized for working fast. Finally, when you install the program, it creates a really useful desktop icon as it launch the program to process all the configured entries and after, shutdowns the operate system. Then it's not necessary to wait until the program finalizes.

New in v1.2:

? One of the fastest Zip compression available
? Themes with user configurable colors
? New module: Checksum generation and check (CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512)
? Realtime display of processed and copied or compressed files
? Desktop icon to launch app, process, and shutdown computer when finished
? Fixed stability issue if incorrect configuration file
? If desired, the program can maintain an exact reflexion of the source folder but compressed
? Technique to switch compression / no compression, synchronizing directories in the same way
? Processing progress bar as an option

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