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Wondershare Time Freeze

Wondershare Time Freeze is an easy and effective protection tool to keep your Windows system and files clean and safe from viruses,spyware,Trojans, and other malicious threats.It puts the actual system under protection and creates a virtual system,on which you run applications and surf the internet. After reboot, all traces (internet history, Windows operation, etc.) and malicious threats will disappear automatically.You also have the flexibility to save changes to the actual system.
1.Protect the actual system from threats of any viruses,malware,spyware and Trojans.
2.Eliminate costs of frequent system maintenance.
3.Surf internet safely,and play around with computer with No trace left.
4.Test software and game installations safely on virtual system.
5.You can disable access to selected folders or prohibit others to make change to files in the selected folders.
6.Keep your files and folders completely safe and clean.
7.Manage the program with a custom password setting
8.Keep inexperienced users from making change to your settings and configures
9.Easily switch between the actual system and virtual system.You don't need to reboot computer.
10.Time Freeze can effectively protect your computer from malicious attacks of viruses,Trojans, spyware,adware,worms,etc.
11.Since all operation on your computer is performed on the virtual system, the history records will disappear after your reboot your computer,which can effectively protect your privacy.

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