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eRepair Word is a tool for recovering corrupted Microsoft Word files. The program extracts information from corrupted and unreadable Microsoft Word files and exports the data to a new Word file. In case if Microsoft Word cannot read the source doc file, the format of the source file is unknown to Microsoft Word, an internal Microsoft Word error occurs and the system forces the program to be closed, it is impossible to access the Word file, just download and run eRepair Word.

The program can:
Read damaged files of Word format
Display the full recovery preview of the Word file in the eRepair Word form
Repair data from damaged documents and templates in Microsoft Word format
Recover Word files located on damaged removable media (CDs, floppy disks, DVDs, flash drives)
Word repair tool supports to repair docx files of Office 2007 format
Recover Word file which is placed to the local network
Export recovered data to a plain text file or to a file in Microsoft Word format
Convert Word document of 2007 format to previous Word format
Supported to repair Word of versions, including Word 97, 2000

The program quickly scans the source file and shows the recovered data. You can see and evaluate what data can be recovered from the corrupted doc file right away on the second page of the program. The program allows you to view the data recovered from the corrupted file similar to the way it is displayed in Microsoft Word.

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