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Clone Remover - find duplicate files

Clone Remover - find duplicate files - find duplicate mp3, find duplicate photos
and more! Clone Remover is a simple and convenient program that looks for duplicate files. This duplicate file finder can search the folders on your computer for duplicates; it will also find duplicate files in zip and rar archives.
Clone Remover has a rich functionality as it can:
1) Find duplicate files – the program finds files that have identical contents independent of the file name.
2) Find duplicate mp3 files – the program searches for duplicate files by mp3 tags.
3) Find duplicate photos – the program finds duplicate image files (for example, two files that have the same picture, but different resolution).
Clone Remover can also find files with similar name or zero size files. You can delete the discovered duplicates, send them to the Recycle Bin or copy them to a separate folder.

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