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Atom Imp File Search

AtomImpFileSearch is designed to help you find any file or textual file content on your local drives quickly and easily using various filters. I needed a basic file search utility program that provided more capability than the standard default programs available yet were not so complex that they are difficult to use. Since none were available I wrote my own.

The file search is done in a separate thread both for speed and to minimally impact system resources.

The search program has a few simple options that specify textual file types and search expressions using wildcards, regular expressions, or simple string searches (the default).

A few other useful options include performing the search in a case sensitive or case insensitive (the default) manner, including (the default) or excluding searching all sub folders, and limiting the search parameters for efficiency.

If you have problems locating textual files that contain a word or phrase then you will enjoy this utility.

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