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Cleanup Assistant

Cleanup Assistant is a set of tools that help you keep a clean hard drive. Drive Cleaner can automatically find and remove junk and unnecessary files from various programs : temporary internet files and history from today's most commonly used webbrowsers, various windows temporary files, application cache and temporary files (Second life, quicktime, flash, ...). When manually sorting out old files, Cleanup Assistant's Large Folder Locator helps you find out what files are using most disk. Duplicate File Finder helps you sort out duplicates from your music, documents or images collection. Whether you are removing unnecessary data automatically or manually, the built-in shredder can securely remove your sensitive data. Although Cleanup Assistant was built on and for Windows Vista, it also fully supports previous windows versions (XP/2000/2003).

Features :
-Large Folder Finder
Scans your hard drive(s) for large folders and gives you a more clear view of the way disk space is distributed in folders.

-Duplicate File Finder
Scans any given drive or folder for file duplicates. Compares multiple drives for duplicate files of any given file type.

-Drive Cleaner
Removes unused junk and temporary files from your computer. Shreds your computer usage history.

-Privacy Protector
Permanently removes files and/or folders.

-Drive Wiper
Permanently removes all files and/or folders from a fixed or removable drive.

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