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The premier choice for finding and removing duplicate files and folders!

Clone Tools helps you find identical files on your computer or network and displays the results in a way that makes it easy to identify which copies of a file to delete and which to save. The unique feature of Clone Tools is that it not only helps you find clone files, it also finds and compares folders that contains these files, so you can remove whole folders. Free up disk space, fast, safe and easy.

- Compares folders as well as files, this gives you the advantage of not only seeing which files are clones but also the folders that have identical or similar contents.
- Unique Twin Browser that makes it easy to compare and work with the contents of two folders side by side.
- No false clones. The byte-by-byte scan on all suspected clones assures you that clone files really are identical.
- Finds zero size files and empty folders.
- Powerful filter that helps you focus on the files that you are interested in and ignore irrelevant results.
- Three step clone scan that lets you start working with the result while the large files that are most likely to be clones are scanned in the background.
- Detailed lists. All lists displays comprehensive information about folders and files. You can easily see how many clones there are in a folder, total number of files, percentage of clones and total size of folders.
- Powerful automatic file operations. Helps you remove or merge whole folder structures.
- Compares all file types (music, video, images, backups, mp3, wma, divx, avi, doc, jpg) .There is no size limit.
- Scans all types of disks, local, portable(USB memory, mp3 players, digital cameras) and network.
- Preview of image files.
- All files can be opened with the associated program.
- Safe to use, only files that are clones can be deleted.
- Deleted files will be placed in the recycle bin so you can recreate them if you accidentally delete a file.

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