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Downloading FileLocator Lite 5.0

FileLocator Lite is a file search utility for Windows. It allows you to carry out normal and complex search operations. The app is incredibly light and I thought it was very fast in finding the files that I tested it with. This is a free utility but it doesn't include all the functionality that the "Pro" version ships with.

Basically, what FileLocator Lite does is give you a lot of tools so that you can find any file on your computer. By default, the application looks on disk C: and all its subdirectories. You can search for files by file name or write any word that you think might be inside a file. You can also set more advanced parameters and expressions to find files. There are some nice filtering features. You can filter your searches by file size or by date. So, finding any file bigger than 1 megabyte that was created since last Friday shouldn't be a problem.

In my testing, I put a file deep down a folder's structure and the application managed to find it very quickly. The other test that I carried out was to create a text file and write something inside it (not in its title). Then I searched for that text. FileLocator Lite found the file and it let me read it without opening it, and the text was highlighted.

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