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Are you tired of scratching or losing your favorite PC game discs? Or of swapping out discs and waiting for them to load?

Play PC games up to 200 times faster - without disc! Now with 64-bit support!

GameDrive converts your PC games into "virtual discs," which run directly on your hard drive in place of physical discs. This protects original discs from loss, theft, and damage, PLUS a virtual disc has much better access rates than a physical disc in a physical ROM drive.

Store your entire game collection on a hard drive or a USB device, and find game titles easily in a searchable library.


- Video Game Compatibility: GameDrive's PC game support is second to none

- Copyright Protection Support: Major copyright protections, such as SecuROM, SecuROM 7 and earlier versions, Starforce 3, Safedisk1, SafeDisk2, Smarte, and LaserLock are all supported

- Live Update: Live Update subscription service ensures the most up-to-date game support, software patches, and fixes

- Multiple Disc Play: Run up to 23 programs simultaneously in up to 23 virtual drives. There's no need to swap out or handle physical discs

- CD/DVD Archiving: Virtual discs can be renamed, catalogued, and managed from a user-friendly interface

- Ease of Use: Wizards make it a snap to create and manage virtual image files

- Data Backup: Protect your CDs from loss, damage, or theft by creating high-quality, compressed digital copies and saving them to your hard drive

- Portability and Convenience: Easily transport your virtual CDs on laptop computer, rewritable CD, USB hard drive, etc.

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