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Windows keystroke recorder software records all the pressed keys information and monitors what programs opened and when like chat conversations, and other keyboard typing activities. Invisible key logger adapts the hidden way to keep an eye to prevent your employees, children, others people from unofficial access of internet, and private data of your system. Remote keyboard monitoring software perform its operation in stealth mode, completely hides itself from start menu, task manager list, add-remove programs trace secret information and records keyboard activities in a password protected log file which is encrypted and can be protected with a password. Computer activity monitoring software provide feature to send log file secretly with the help of email to a specified user. Spy software is useful in such circumstances when you want to know what is happening on your computer while you're away, maintain a backup of your typed data automatically or use it to monitor your kids. Advance Keylogger with screenshots tool is fully undetectable, so its operation cannot be detected by any antivirus or spyware. Application is also capable to store all the running application screenshot at regular interval of time. Our advance Keylogger software does not just monitor keystrokes, it is capable of recording language specific characters (ex. umlauts), date and time certain window was initiated as well as the caption of that window etc.
* Windows key logger software runs in hidden mode to record keystrokes in log file.
* Keystroke monitoring software can capture screenshots of accessed activity.
*Utility runs in background, so cannot be detected by any spyware or antivirus.
*Tool provides interactive graphical user interface with having support to all windows based operating system.

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