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UFS Explorer Standard Access

UFS Explorer Standard Access is a software application created exclusively for cases when the access to undamaged data on a physical storage, disk images or virtual disks of virtual machines is difficult or impossible.

The software enables fast and easy access to blocked data. Supporting a great variety of operating systems UFS Explorer Standard Access allows you to open an inaccessible file from Apple Mac OS, Linux and FreeBSD working on a PC concurrently with Windows operating system. The software supports various file systems - HFS+ (Apple Mac OS); Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, Reiser, XFS, JFS (JFS2) (Linux) and UFS/UFS2 (FreeBSD) – and will help you to get access to data located on an external storage formatted with any supported file system. This program provides direct access to files on virtual disks of virtual machines and any their copies allowing you to eliminate virtual machine start and configuration. Additionally, using RAID Access Plugin - RAID Builder, you can access data on any complex RAID-system built with the plug-in.

Working as a “guide” from one file system to another UFS Explorer Standard Access in no way effects information contained on the storage. The software operates in a read-only mode ensuring 100% safety of your data.
UFS Explorer Standard Access serves for cases when neither a file system is corrupted nor recovery of inaccessible data is required.

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