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Downloading UltraFileSearch 2.3

UltraFileSearch is a file searching utility. Considering that Windows already has a search function that works pretty well, some might think that such a program is unnecessary. That is far from the truth because this application is much better for several reasons.

This application searches very fast. In my case, it was at least four-five times faster than Windows’ tool. When you’re also searching for some text inside your files, it takes more time but it still outperforms the operating system's tool. The ability to exclude some folders from the search can further decrease the time needed to find your files.

You can run complex searches by combining different instructions in the four tabs available. It’s useful to note that some people may be confused by this because (judging by the interface) it may seem like the program searches only what you instructed in the tab that you are currently viewing. This is a small issue (and seems to be the only one) but it could have been solved with a slight change in the interface.

Overall, this utility is fast and complex enough to perform comprehensive searches.

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