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Instant Housecall Remote Support

Instant Housecall is the award-winning remote support tool that gives you secure remote access to your customer's PC through firewalls. Deliver remote support with no port forwarding and no dynamic IPs to worry about. Offer remote assistance from your office, house, customer site, and Internet cafe without pre-installing software. Features include: Invitation only access, Wait for Specialist to sign-in, Reboot remote PC into safe mode, Auto reconnect, File transfer, Chat, Accept online payment, Session history, Revenue Reports, Branding, SSL Encryption, Vista and UAC support. Instant Housecall consists of the "Administrator Control Panel", "Specialist Sign-in", "Customer Applet/Hotline", and your "Webspace" branded for your business. Instant Housecall is highly customizable, boasts powerful features, and is remarkably easy to use. Increase sales, expand your market reach. Deliver remote support anywhere in the world. Get your 15 day free trial now and support an unlimited number of PCs.

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