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1st TurboRun

Access ANY program, document or bookmark IN SECONDS with just a few keystrokes. No more digging into the crowded Start Menu, Desktop or My Documents folder. Just type a few characters and this program will show matching programs and documents as you type. Once you found the desired item, you can open it immediately. In addition, you may explore its folder, show properties and so on. What was the name of that program installed in the morning? Where did you save that report your wrote yesterday? You may easily find any recently changed files using a customizable date filter. 1st TurboRun is always ready to go. No indexing required. You are always searching the actual data. It sits in the system tray and does not consume system resources. Once you need it, pressing a simple keyboard shortcut will activate its window, no matter which program is currently running. No more lost documents, no more lost programs, no more lost Internet Favorites. And this program is REALLY FAST! What's new in version 2.0: 1) Customizable list of folders to search. Now you can search any folder on your computer or network. 2) Auto-minimize on launch option. 3) Various small fixes, improvements and optimizations.

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