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Integrated Keyboarding

Today, keyboarding is neither efficient nor rational. The hand has to move to at least SIX different locations to perform all of the tasks needed, namely:

The homekey position;
Arrow keys;
Control keys (Home, End, Delete);
Number keypad;
Mouse; and
Mouse wheel.

The existent layout causes tremendous waste of energy, both physical and mental. The constant moving of the right hand is physically tiresome, even when the correct location is located. It distracts from the actual goals at hand. It is a patchwork that evolved piecemeal, not by design.

With INTEGRATED KEYBOARDING - keep your hands in one location to move the mouse, drag, scroll, move the cursor, highlight or use the number pad.
I. New Hardware is NOT Needed. Integrated Keyboarding is compatible with most existing keyboards.
II. Available in Both Right-Handed and Left-Handed Versions.
III. Rational - Integrated Keyboard is rational, in that the direction assigned to each of the three middle fingers remains the same whether the task is navigating, highlighting, dragging, or scrolling.
IV. Systematic - The directional keys are the same regardless of the function. They are adjacent to each other, and they are parallel to the incremental flunctionality.
V. Intuitive - The keys used are congruent with a person's sense of direction and there is no need to memorize combinations.
VI. Easy to Learn.

Integrated Keyboarding is efficient, rational, ambidextrous, intuitive, and easy to download and learn. It is the first stage in creating an efficient, rational, systematic, and intuitive Human-Computer interface.

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