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Single Required Field Validator is asp.net validation controls based on asp.net Required Field Validation control. Validation control allows to validate mutliple controls without placing validation control for each and every required input.

Controls exposes unique properties to validate controls based on practical scenarios including validation area, seperate error message for each control.

1 Single Validation Control
Allows you to validate required field in form with single control.

2 Selcted Control Validation - By Type
ControlTypesToValidate property allows to validate only selected types of input controls. e.g. you can set this property to validate only Text box and/or List box.

3 Selcted Control Validation - By ID
ControlsToValidate property allows to validate only selected input controls. e.g. you can set this property to validate only one Text box and one List box which is required.

4 Validate Selected Area
ValidationArea property allows to validate control within particular container control or entire form.

5 Error Message and Text from Control itself
ControlPropertyForErrorMessage proerty allows to set seperate error message for Single Required Field Validator. e.g. You can use tooltip property of text box control as error message just by setting property name. Same for Text property use ControlPropertyForText

XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant.

1 Single Require Field Validator Control for entire web form
Single Required Field Validtor control validate entire web form. Now no need to place Required Field validatior for each and every input field. Just put one control and save time.

2 Design-time Support
Design-time support as it is based on ASP.NET control.

3 Cross-Browser Support
KValidation Control works on all browsers (IE5+, NS7+, Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.0+, Opera 8+).

4 Buy vs. Build Benefits
Cost Centre Build Compon

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