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Heroix introduces its Longitude Hyper-V application to monitor Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor. This follows the Heroix VMware vSphere performance monitoring application, which increased sales by 36 percent in a year. Longitude is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, affordable monitoring solution that companies use to track the health of their entire IT infrastructure: multiple operating systems, web servers, databases, messaging and networks. "We understand that companies with large IT environments may adopt more than one hypervisor for different types of applications, workloads and infrastructure, while they are also integrating technologies such as OpenStack into their IT strategy," explained Rick Lane, CEO, Heroix. "This increases the need for monitoring software that can accommodate multiple hypervisors and provide a single pane of glass view into the health and availability of IT resources. Heroix is meeting that need for our customers." The Hyper-V solution provides mission-critical operational information about virtual environments, including virtual machines (VMs), applications, and the host servers. Longitude helps companies monitor hypervisors along with other applications and networks, to reduce the expense of duplicate monitoring software and the need to learn multiple monitoring technologies. Longitude Virtualization Edition helps companies quickly pinpoint, troubleshoot and repair problem areas so they can offer high service levels. IT is quickly alerted via dashboard displays, email, and/or SMS when Longitude identifies potential problems the virtual infrastructure. Built-in reports show the health and performance of the virtual infrastructure over time. Longitude helps keep IT budgets in check by helping to locate and reduce virtual sprawl, over provisioning, and excess use of resources. Longitude reports provide feature rich graphics making it easy to analyze virtual resource usage in order to determine optimal resource distribution.

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