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Investigate the quality and performance of computer monitors and LCD flat panel screens using a series of test patterns displayed at various resolutions. Supporting multiple monitors testing simultaneously, and support for all display types (LCD, CRT, Plasma, etc). Looped testing allows to continually test your monitors and scripted testing provides users with different test patterns with different resolutions and test length.

MonitorTest Version 4.0 includes new features:
- Changed MonitorTest main interface to a more modern style
- Redesigned MonitorTest application logo to bring it out of the dark ages
- Support for collecting monitor information from Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) data structure directly from the monitor. EDID includes interesting data like manufacturer name, serial number, timings and display size.
- Fixed the performance issue of the Moire Interference test rendering slowly on high DPI monitors
- Fixed Single Touch screen test drawing and removing the red lines slowly. The test should be much more response now.
- Added High Dynamic Range (HDR) and bit depth detection
- Added HDR test for Windows 10. HDR compatible monitor and graphics card are also required.
- Updated to show more information about video adapter
- Converted internal code from ANSI single byte application to Unicode, which allow for foreign languages to be used
- Support for multiple languages in the user interface, including English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Korean
- Minimum O/S requirement is now Windows 7. XP & Vista are no longer supported.
- An install to USB option was added in the user interface.
- Updates to the help file
- 64bit executable is also included (MonitorTest64.exe) into the Program File folder. Most people won't need this unless they are running WinPE however.

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