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Extract, Archive Save and Merge Attachments. Archive and forward Messages from any POP3 Account, even Web Mail enabled accounts like gmail! Includes powerful command line options to allow flexible use. Is the perfect utility to have an option to retrieve and access your favorite email attachments to a local folder for easy viewing and use. Now has the ability to specify Multiple Accounts and allows custom Actions based on Attachment types. Would you like to do things like move email from one account or client to another? How about store all attached files of a certain type, like pdf, to a certain folder? With the power that the accounts and actions interface and command line options provide , you can do and automate almost any pop3 or attachment related task! The actions can include things like batch files or other processing programs to execute! And each action can be fully qualified with command line syntax! It also includes powerful flexibility like the ability to specify deli meters and csv style files from the command line. And now with the 'Save Nothing' function and the 'Only Process Messages > n Hours Old ' , you can easily use this tool to keep your exchange or other mail server's spam folder clean! All New in 2.1! Automatic Timer Based Execution from the System Tray, Port Selection and SSL Support! The trial version is Limited to a maximum of 15 trials and up to 150 files

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