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Broadcast Batch Printing

Broadcast Batch Printing prints multiple files to multiple printers. It allow multiple printers for any Number of Files.The batch printing support files of all formats such as doc, .xls, pdf, etc. Along with numerous image files like .jpg, .png, etc. for printing.
It gives a nice user experience along with the simple interface and features.
Gives an option to make a list of files that you want to print. No need to click mouse more times for bulk printing.
Capable of supporting all the formats of files such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft excel, Microsoft word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Publisher, HTML, SVG, AutoCAD and much more.
Users can export the file lists for future work. If anyone wants to print a similar document after a few days or months, so he/ she can easily take the print outs and save their time of creation.
When users create the list with the help of software, then they can select the printer which is already installed on their PC/ laptop.
Virtual printers are also working well with these kinds of tools and start the process over click on the print job button.
Essential tool for printing in multiple printer environment.
Support for Hot folder to print automatically.
Support for Virtual Printers like PDF printing without installing on all machines.

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