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Remote Process Viewer

"Remote Process Viewer" is a free remote Windows Task Manager for your network. It will show you detailed information about all the processes that are currently running on a chosen network client. It reveals such information as the process file name, full path, PID (process identifier), PID of the parent process, user session ID, number of threads, and process priority.
There is absolutely no installation required. Since "Remote Process Viewer" uses Windows' built-in WMI service, it doesn't require you to install any additional software on the computers you are connecting to. Simply download and run the software. Then select the client you want to analyze and you'll see all the processes on the remote computer.

Features :
- doesn't require installation
- doesn't require a client agent
- doesn't write to the registry
- doesn't modify files outside of its own directories
- doesn't require runtimes
- isn't adware/spyware

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