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AIUSoft Remote Control

AIUSoft Remote Control, a kind of software which was developed for remote control, lets you assume control of another computer across a local network or the Internet. It allows you to view the remote desktop, manipulate the mouse cursor of the remote computer and send keystrokes. Additionally, it also allows you to send files from the remote computer, chat with users working at the remote PCs and perform other operations. The control window could give you some standard options such as Ctrl-Alt-Del (which kills the connection) and changing the view settings, as well as tabbing access to adjust the connection setting.
Key Features of AIUSoft Remote Control:
1. The extensive capabilities of AIUSoft Remote Control: such as remote control of PCs, transfer files, work online with others in a team, communicate via video, chat or present on-line.
2. AIUSoft Remote Control runs as a service process, allowing you to control a machine that nobody has logged onto.
3. The installation files of AIUSoft Remote Control are small enough that you can save them on a floppy.
4. AIUSoft Remote Control is suitable for both home and business use.
5. AIUSoft Remote Control uses a platform-independent protocol that enables you to remotely control on a variety of platforms.
6. AIUSoft Remote Control is easy to use, secure and reliable.

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