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Network Enforcer

Ascendant Security provides network security software solutions to protect your network assets, secure sensitive data, and keep users on task.Revolutionary, first-of-its-kind network security software that allows you to supervise, monitor, restrict, and respond to unwanted user behaviors on your network in real-time as they occur.From insecure keystroke phrases and email attachments, to inappropriate application, file, and website activity recording and monitoring tools, protecting your network security and assets.Controls, tracks, and blocks what behaviors should not occur on your network.Reacts immediately in real-time to high network security threats, while waiting to react to low network security threats until they are repeated. Avoids the need for complete activity recording and privacy invasion.Saves time by tracking only the unauthorized user behaviors and network security violations on your network. Saves money by keeping your network users on task and protecting assets and network security . Rapid network installation deploys Network Enforcer to your network computers without having to physically install and configure.

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