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Simple to use Key logger Software program captures each press keyboard activities on computer like, voice chat communication, composing mail and send text message etc. Parental Control Software generates log report in txt or html file format and send user define email address. Stunning and reliable key logger utility is best method to examine both offline and online computer system activities in hidden mode and does not show on control panel, task manager, add remove program list and desktop icon. Invisible Parental Control Software monitors keystroke action including login user name passwords, visit url viewed by thirds user at cost effective manner. Versatile Key logger Software monitoring tool is useful utility for present's office manager teachers to keep eye on their kids, students and office staff computer activities. Advance key logger tool offers password protection feature that avoid unofficial users to access your application on pc in your absence. Resourcefully parental control application record overall computers system details for example net surfing, chatting with friends and open website. Key logger application generates logs on your PC and saves at specified location for further used. Advance key logger application record system information and prevents misuse and access of unauthorized user in your back. Outstanding Parental Control Software allows you to find out everything that happens on your computer system setting in successfully manner.
* Keylogger tool observes all pressed keyboard activities like type text open URL address etc.
* Keylogger Software utility crated log report file of all recorded system information and forwards at specified email id.
*Simple to install Parental Control Software is excellent solution to catch out complete system action in surveillance mode.
* Key logger Software easily runs with all windows based operating system including Windows server, Windows Xp etc.

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