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Sense Personal Edition

Sense Personal Edition is a tree-view structured editor ideal for outlining documents in preparation for an academic theses or presentation.

Separately available free plugins provide Import / Export support for RTF and Tab/Space indented Text file formats.

With extensive information cross-referencing and internet hyperlinking support, Sense provides the ideal platform for gathering information rapidly so as not to break your thought processes.

Sense provides smooth navigation via its outline browser view and allows efficient re-organizion into expandable / collapsible sections (chapters).

Shortcuts allow content to be moved up, down and within levels rapidly.

And if you do need to print, multi-selection enables scattered content to be grouped speedily for single lean and green printing saving time, cost and environmental impact.

Line and page count monitoring is continuous with context sensitive character and word count measures enabling target limitations for individual lines to be met when needed.

Line-to-line cross-references between Sense documents are easily made without the need of establishing cumbersome and unreliable bookmarks.

Even so, bookmarks are supported for compatibility with both RTF (Microsoft Word and HTML).

Sense cross-referencing provides time-saving benefits with its preview link feature rapidly displaying remote content as document fragments to avoid the usual delays and desktop clutter normally associated with fully opened documents.

The editor may even be used for HTML editing and RSS feed authoring in plain text when used in conjunction with the freeware Sense To Webpage and Sense To RSS tools.

The editing language may be changed on-the-fly and a control allows selection between Unicode, ISO-8859 and Windows Codepage encodings to match your documentation task.

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