3D Carousel Gallery AS 2.0 & AS 3.0 Screenshot

3D Carousel Gallery AS 2.0 & AS 3.0

3D Carousel ( for Flash 8 / Flash CS 3 and above / ActionScript 2.0 & ActionScript 3.0 ) XML driven gallery with advanced camera controls, perspective, depth, fading and much more!

Key features:
* XML configuration file easy to setup
* Dynamic image mirror support
* Roll over image coloring support
* You can include images with fixed or variable size
* Support for external URLs and browser window resize
* Support for small image titles
* Adjustable preview image position anywhere in the scene
* Add unlimited number of additional objects (such as external images, library Movie Clips with images, Movie Clips from the stage) at any position in the scene by simply editing the scene.xml configuration file

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