Advanced Image Grid AS 2.0 Screenshot

Advanced Image Grid AS 2.0

The Advanced Image Grid component allows you to display image collections in a HTML/CSS formatted grid. You can easily edit the external XML or HTML layout file using your favorite XML/HTML editor and the Flash application will dynamically render it and scroll it for you.

It is based on the HTML Table Renderer component for image collections layout formatting and the Classic Scroll Bar component for scrolling the image list.

* image collections in HTML format (CSS + tables support) easy to edit using your favorite HTML editor;
* use advanced features such as rowspan and colspan, advanced text rendering options, custom library fonts and external stylesheet files, custom colors and transparencies for borders and backgrounds, padding, spacing and much more;
* is is based on highly customizable components that you can also use in other Flash projects;
* includes browser window resize support, easy to adjust fading effects and each graphic element;

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