Advanced Scroll Bar AS 2.0 Screenshot

Advanced Scroll Bar AS 2.0

The Flashtuning Scroll Bar component provides extended scrolling control over any content type within movie clip and adapts automatically for both static and dynamic types of content.

* Scroll any Movie Clip and layout components (eg. HTML Table Renderer, Adobe Flash Datagrid etc)
* Horizontal/Vertical orientation
* Switch scrolling targets during runtime
* Choice and adjustment of scroll easing types (basic,bounce,elastic,inertia)
* Choice of scrollbar layouts (buttons and slider, buttons only, slider only)
* Run-time resizible visible area
* Free/Snap to visible area modes support
* Autohide/disable mechanism
* Mouse wheel support
* Customizable skins on per instance or global basis
* Skin elements color overlays
* Dynamic control through Actionscript API
* Fixed Track Body option
* Fixed Slider Body option
* Built in Help Book that can be accessed via the Flash Help Panel

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