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Flash Gallery Builder

Looking for a new exciting way to show your digital photos? Looking for a new safe way to put your photos on internet? Flash Gallery Builder provides a quick and easy way to create photo albums and Flash gallery with cool themes and templates. All you need is your digital photos. Flash Gallery Builder provide 4 view modes: Thumbnails view, Draggable preview, Stretch to fit window and Slideshow.

Main features:
*Various of templates from different themes:
Festival: Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine, Birthday, April Fool and so on
Tour: mountaineering, skate, boating, swim, camping, picnic and so on
Life: family, clothing, food, house, tools, vehicle and so on
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
*Album management
*Multi-album management - You can add more than one album in a Flash gallery
*You can dit album title, data, introduction
*You can save the project as a .fgp file and resume it at next time
*You can preview gallery after building
*You can edit Photo title
*Unlimited number of photos
*Automatic thumbnails creation

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