Vertical XML Menu Screenshot

Vertical XML Menu

Clean looking one level XML based (dynamic) menu with rollover effect.

- One level menu (without submenus);
- Run a function or open external URL . Both options are controlled from XML ;
- One movie clip + external Actionscript. Simply drag and drop;
- Clicked menu item stays highlighted;
- The height of menu item changes automatically according to font size;
- Possibility to customize (all in XML except where noted):
. number of menu items;
. menu text;
. menu text color;
. menu text rollover color;
. menu width;
. lines turned on/off;
. font (in FLA file);
. font size (*in FLA file).

Files included:
* vertical_menu.fla;
* vertical_menu.swf;
* vertical_menu.xml;
* readme.pdf (instructions).

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