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XWebDesignor is a software for editing websites easy to use, thanks to its interface to create WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get, ie: what you see is what you get). You do not understand anything about programming, so XWebdesignor is for you: You will now be able to create Web sites and photo albums without having any special knowledge in the field of programming or computer graphics. You will be able to quickly create blogs, dynamic menus, buttons and more.
You place a publication of your site in a few clicks. Customize your site by adding menus, visual effects, forms and much more ... thanks to components JSC. You are a professional: use EBusiness module You have knowledge in web programming (HTML, JavaScript ..), then XWebdesignor is for you: You can add components directly integrated into XWebDesignor developing your own components or integrating scripts other authors using JSCEditor

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