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CoffeeCup Responsive Content Slider

Create responsive, searchable, and accessible slideshows. Use custom animations and transitions to increase engagement and support interactions. Content sliders are the new hipsters and for good reason. They're soo gonna click that button.

Custom content slides in minutes:
Slideshows look cool and are great at grabbing the viewers attention. Create product presentations, promotion notices, news highlights, event summaries, portfolio overviews, or direct visitors to key-locations.
Use custom loops and speeds to play your story.

Full design control. No coding:
Craft authentic messages for each individual slide. Use pictures, text, fonts, buttons, icons and more to convert viewers into clickers. Perfect for simple picture-based slide shows. Or layer it up and use the various content elements and powerful design tools to create interactive experiences that are out of this world.

Animate Anything:
Select from slick prebuilt animations or define your own.
To create custom animations simply select a slide or element and choose from 44+ possible move in and out effects. Play with timing and delays on appearing and disappearing slides, text, buttons, images, overlays and more.

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