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CuzYa Free Website Builder

Unlimited number of webpages. Automatically constructed menu of the website.

No HTML knowledge or Web experience requirements
-Only 5 main tabs with intuitively clear controls
-Integrated help module
-Built-in tutorial website presenting capabilities of the application

Styles, changing the look of the whole website in a click
-10 premade styles
-Website style editor mode

Convenient and simple WYSIWYG Visual Editor able to:
-Add and scale web images
-Add hyperlinks
-Add lists of 2 types
-Add adjustable tables
-Perform basic text handling operations
-Perform copy/paste actions on right click, including paste from Word/Excel
-Edit the HTML-code directly
-Perform drag-and-drop operations with objects

Smart Web Image Processing mode
-Rapid automated picture processing of chosen size and quality
-Producing preview and close-view pictures without affecting originals
-Smart look on the Web: close-view image is opened in a pop-up window by clicking on the preview

Total control over the website
-One-click preview of the website in the browser to see the editing actions applied
-Rapid optimized FTP uploading
-Uploading and displaying conditions for pages
-No limits for your creative work

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