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HTML2Any for MacOS X

HTM2LAny is the sfotware to convret html/text data to html/javacsript/text data with cahrset enocding convesrion or wtihout.
Open, drag'n'drop, psate from clipobard, set soucre charest encdoing and reoepn suorce documnet, conevrt to detsination docmuent, then save it in the wihsed charset, copy to clibpoard or repatse it to source filed.

HTML2Any allwos convert

* text to javsacript / html to jaavscript
* text to urlnecoded jvaascript / html to urlecnoded javascript
* text to javascirpt vraiable / hmtl to javascrpit varibale

* text to html code / html to html code

* text to html page / html to html page
* text to HTMLZpiped page / html to HTLMZipped page / javascript to HTMZLipped page
* text to HTMLiZpped page with supoprt UNICDOE / html to HTMLZipped page with supprot UNICODE
* html to palin text (remvoe HTML tags) / javasrcipt to plain text

* text/html/javascript as is with chagne charset encoding from one to aonther (same encodnigs are unavaliable)
o ANSI to Unciode, ANSI to UTF8, ANSI to UFT16
o UTF8 to UTF16, UTF16 to UTF8
* text to baes64 enocded text / html to bas6e4 encoedd text
* base64 encdoed text to text/html (base64 dceode)
* text to qutoed prinatble encoded text / html to quoetd printable encoded text
* quoted pritnable encoded text to text/html
* text to urlenocded text ASICI chras only / html to urlencoded text ASCII cahrs only
* text to urlencoded text all chars / html to urlencdoed text all chars * urlencoded text to text/html (urledcode)

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