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dhtmlxGrid - Editable Ajax Data Grid

dhtmlxGrid is a cross-browser Ajax grid component designed to represent, edit and sort tabular data. Grid content can be imported from XML data source or created using JavaScript methods. Advanced functionality includes paging support, cells merging (colspan), frozen columns, multiline headers, CSV import/export, drag-and-drop and extended server-side support (PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Java and Rails).

The component enables flexible data sorting (string/integer/date) by clicking column header. dhtmlxGrid uses AJAX to load data dynamically, so table can be sorted and edited without page reload.

To allow greater flexibility, dhtmlxGrid uses unique mechanism called eXcell (extended Cell) to define data format and way of editing data for each cell. The grid already supports a wide variety of cell formats such as text, image, combo box, list box, checkbox, radio button, etc. Extendable architecture enables any custom data input control to be added to this JavaScript grid.

Smart Rendering allows grid records to be loaded entirely at once or retrieved from server by small chunks on demand, and then rendered only when they are in visible area of the grid. These feature reduce loading time of large tables and increase web application's productivity.

dhtmlxGrid has simple and comfortable interface supplemented with ability of keyboard navigation that allows users to enter and modify tabular data intuitively.

Features :
- Full control with JavaScript API
- Simple JavaScript configuration
- Integration with HTML Form
- Async mode loading support (AJAX)
- Loading/Configuration from XML (file or string)
- Ability to load big datasets (Smart rendering/paging)
- Easy styling with CSS or predefined skins
- Serialization to XML/SCV
- Working with clipboard
- Automatized communication with server data source (dhtmlxDataProcessor)
- Drag-and-drop rows/columns within grid
- Drag-and-drop in/from dhtmlxTree Pro
- Selectbox, combobox,checkbox, calendar and more eXcells
- Math Formulas for cells
- Ability to create any editor or cell formating (using eXcell - eXtended cell object)
- Invisible data blocks for rows/entire grid (userdata)
- Resizable/movable columns
- Client-side sorting (string, integer, date, custom)
- Wide range of event handlers
- Detailed documentation

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