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Deskbar Studio

DeskbarStudio software package allows you to create branded absolutely independent desktop toolbars for Windows.

With DeskbarStudio software package you'll be able to:
- Drive Customers Back to your website
- Keep your website in Front of your customers
- Create your own fully branded desktop toolbars in a matter of seconds
- Update your toolbars when you want to
- Make money from promotions in your toolbar Create a desktop toolbar which will help increase your revenues and repeat traffic. Intuitive "what you see is what you get" interface, free samples library.

- Add your logo, brand
- Add unlimited buttons and menus
- Add search engines & links integration
- Multilingual support
- Update, installation and uninstallation
- Popup killer
- Keyword Highlighting
- Dynamic elements
- Easy to use
- change update the links in seconds
- Gadgets support
- RSS, Radio, Flash Widget buttons, Banners and many more...
- API to integratewith your website

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