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Affiliate Store Script eBiz

Affiliate Store Script eBiz: This script goes one step further with the Power Feed, Data feed to MySQL script. It not only converts a data feed into a MySQL database, it creates a fully functional store complete with affiliate selection, categories, full text searching, and a complete back end administration area to support data feed updates, database functions, featured product administration, etc

Create a series of product specific, keyword targeted sites that earn you a nice fat monthly income from both your affiliate sales as well as Google Adsense!
Within 10 minutes after installing the script, have a fully functional site supporting and displaying literally thousands of products. You are only limited by your own imagination.
Fully template driven. The HTML templates are separate from the PHP code allowing you to completely customize your site without getting your hands dirty in the PHP coding.
Affiliate links are cloaked so that links to your affiliates are short and look visually appealing to your visitors.
The script comes complete with a fully integrated Full Text Search capability allowing your visitors access to all the products you have to offer.
Supports multiple data feed formats using our own Power Feed script.
Maintain a featured products list that is displayed on the home page.
Search/replace features to modify data feed data. This is useful to modify the links to contain your own unique affiliate ID.
Full admin functions to define and manage multiple data feeds.
Become a Super Affiliate! You provide the marketing, and let Affiliate Store Script become your Affiliate Swiss Army Knife!

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