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Help Explorer Server is a web-based application designed for viewing compiled help files in different formats. Help Explorer Server provides a rock-solid solution for online access to any kind of help resources, including software references, knowledge bases and documentation of any kind of applications. Key features of Help Explorer Server include:

Universal Help Viewer Engine. Original help viewer engine supports three popular Microsoft help file formats : Microsoft Windows Help (WinHelp) - .HLP, Microsoft HTML Help 1.x - .CHM, and Microsoft Help 2.0 - .HXS.

Administrative Web Interface. Help Explorer Server includes a user-friendly interface designed to control the help server in a team-oriented environment:
- organizing the help files you want to display into help sites;
- maintaining the list of administrator and moderator accounts;
- controlling moderators' access to help sites;
- configuring the look and feel of help files via the customizable theme manager.

Customizable look and feel based on HTML templates. To each site available to end users via Help Explorer Server, a particular theme is applied. A theme represents an HTML template and determines all visual settings of the site (frames, fonts, colors, toolbar buttons and their behavior, and so on). Help Explorer Server includes two default themes ” "Soaring Blue" and "Classic Layout" which can be used as is or extended in any way and serve as a basis for custom themes.

Redistributable Help Server Engine. A standalone version of Help Explorer Engine can be redistributed as part of any custom solution. Help Explorer IIS Extension Module (ISAPI DLL) is lightweight and it does not require .NET Framework.

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