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SEO SpyGlass Enterprise

SEO SpyGlass is an indispensable competition research SEO tool that will perfectly meet the needs of any SEO pro and SEO company. This SEO software drills down into your competitors' link-building strategies, providing you with most detailed data on all their backlinks and letting you analyze these backlinks to identify the most SEO-beneficial link-sources for your own website promotion.

SEO SpyGlass lets you check each and every backlink for a whole lot of crucial factors. You can quickly find out:

- The exact anchor texts and anchor URLs site owners are using
- The total number of backlinks a website has
- The total number of backlinks coming from the same IP addresses
- How many backlinks come from forums and blogs
- Whether or not the site has backlinks from DMOZ and/or Yahoo! directories
- The exact link value of every backlink the site has
- Google PageRank
- Alexa Rank
- The exact age of every Website linking back to the website
- And much, much more!

Furthermore, SEO SpyGlass will definitely blow you away with the top-notch competition research reports you can generate with this tool in mouse-click. This SEO software has numerous customizable ready-made report templates for you to choose from. Besides, you can quickly and easily create your own report templates to match your and your clients' taste. Brand the reports with a company logo, tune the color schemes and information layout. The reports are further available for printout, sending via e-mail or publishing to a website via FTP.

SEO SpyGlass ensures you always stay within search engines' policies with its numerous safety features, such as Human Emulation, User Agents and Proxy Rotation. If needed, you can tune up the SEO software to perform most SEO jobs on autopilot on predefined time and date.

Power-charge your SEO campaign with this rocking backlink checker and analyzer - get your hands on the rocking SEO SpyGlass software right off.

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