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WebSite Auditor is the only software that optimizes your website on two levels: onsite (domain structure) and on page (content). With WebSite Auditor you will be able to optimize unlimited number of websites, be it your own website or dozens of websites of your clients. WebSite Auditor checks every single page of your website and shows them in a tree structure, so that you can immediately spot the problematic areas. It will then guide you to fix all flaws that jeopardize your website's potential for high rankings.
WebSite Auditor will polish your website's HTML code until it's perfect for search engines. It will spot duplicate content on your website that undermines your website rankings. You will immediately see which titles or metas need rewriting. It will even suggest you the way to rewrite them into 100 % SEO effective lines. It will show you how many times you should use your keyword in titles, metas, anchor texts and website content to rank best against your competitors. WebSite Auditor will reveal to you the winning strategies of Top10 websites in your niche and show you exactly what you need to do to rank same high.
WebSite Auditor can create Google XML Sitemap with all pages you want to add to it, upload it onto your website and automatically submit it to search engines. WebSite Auditor will run full indexation analysis - check cache dates for each page and each search engine, show you not indexed pages and guide you to fix these problems. WebSite Auditor will also take full control of your website's links structure. As all other pieces of Link-Assistant's software WebSite Auditor allows you to create reports and then save them to PDF, export to any format you'd like to process them in, web-publish your reports and customize their looks.
Just as any other Link- Assistant's software WebSite Auditor has impeccable technical characteristics and safety features. It supports 773 search engines, allows to perform tasks automatically and a lot more.

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